Services to advisors

Our proposal

Offering you an integrated, high-end service! Unmatched! Unique! Just like the one YOU are used to provide to your own clients.

Just like the one YOU are used to provide to your own clients.


  • Through comprehensive administrative support, we give you complete freedom to do what you do best: advising your clients.
  • Through the expertise, experience, and knowledge of our multidisciplinary team: always offering your clients the best possible solution, at all times.
  • Through the independence of our advice and recommendations: we are not affiliated with any financial company. We provide completely objective advice, solely in the interest of your clients.
  • Through our marketing system, we help you get well known.

3 distinctive support areas

We allow you to dedicate more time to what you do best: serving your clients!

We provide you with our client relationship management software, which will help you better manage your business relationships!

We invest ourselves to help you increase your efficiency!

We integrate your way of doing things into our flexible structure.

We take responsibility for your administration.

We assist you in advising your clients across the full spectrum of financial planning options, including investments, insurance, liability management, and taxation.

We carry out all the research and analysis concerning new products in investment, insurance, and mortgages.

We share with you concepts in both insurance and investment.

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and innovative approaches.

We contribute to enhancing your professional image. 

We assist you in setting up a structure that allows you to improve your communication with your clients.

We assist you with your business plan.

We help you better organize your business.

We maximize opportunities with you.

We create added value.

We support you in planning your succession.

We enhance your quality of life!

Our commitment

We commit to offer you: 

- Complete freedom

- Independent advice and integrated financial planning that you can provide to your clients

- Impeccable professional ethics

- A range of products analyzed and evaluated by our actuaries

- Full support from our highly qualified staff

- Tailored solutions in investments, insurance, and mortgages

- Advice on all facets of financial planning.