Risk management / Insurance

Using our actuarial expertise, we incorporate a profound understanding of risk with wealth management to create tailored solutions that provide optimal wealth protection and growth. This holistic approach ensures that clients receive a carefully crafted financial strategy that aligns with their changing life stages and financial goals.

Life insurance

At WHITEMONT, our approach to advising on life insurance is focused on preserving the survivors' current standard of living, as opposed to increasing their wealth. We concentrate on providing a safety net that addresses the family's current requirements and obligations, thereby ensuring continuity and stability without excessive gain. For individuals with significant liabilities or dependents, life insurance can be indispensable. It can replace lost income, pay off debts, and cover children's education expenses.

Disability insurance

Essential for self-employed individuals, serving as a financial cushion during periods when they cannot work due to illness or injury and providing continuous support for both personal and business expenses.

Critical Insurance

At WHITEMONT, we recommend critical illness insurance to provide our clients with a financial safety net in the event of an unexpected diagnosis of a serious illness. This ensures that they are able to cover their expenses and prioritize their recovery without financial concerns. In addition, with the option of premium reimbursements, clients have the chance to recover their payments if no claim is filed, providing both security and forced savings strategy.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Due to its high cost and potential impact on clients' budgets, we rarely recommend this type of coverage. However, it addresses the costs of daily care services not typically covered by standard health insurance. This coverage safeguards against astronomical unanticipated costs, ensuring that individuals receive quality care in their later years or during health emergencies without depleting their savings.


At WHITEMONT, we use annuities as a strategic investment instrument, providing a guaranteed income stream, particularly during retirement, as well as tax-deferred growth and market volatility protection. Their adaptability and prospective estate planning advantages make them a valuable addition to a diversified portfolio.